Intimate West

Women Artists in Montana 1880-1944

Along with brief biographical sketches, this book explores the work of Caroline Granger, Beatrice Howie Mackey, Marguerite O. Stevens Maloney, Frances Carroll Brown, Fra Dana, and Josephine Hale, among others. The works of art presented here reflect the vital role played by women artist in the Northern Rocky Mountain West. The collection (which was on exhibition January 26th to May 27th of 2017 at The Montana Museum of Art and Culture) breaks new ground and affords a deeper understanding of the lives of women artists then and now, as these artists defied typical Western iconography in their work. It celebrates the creativity of painters and photographers who envisioned an American West characterized by the immediate experience of their time and place and, through that experience, conscious personal growth and even joy. The artwork displayed within these pages shows the significance and the vital importance of women artists to Montana history, and the history of the American West.

79 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9983438-4-6

ISBN: 978-0-9983438-3-9

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