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Contribute Specimens

Specimens: The UMZM accepts prepared specimens that help to expand our capacities in vertebrate research and education. They should be accompanied by copies of permits showing that they were legally obtained, though in some situations we are able to accept older collections that lack documentation. Contact the curator for more information on data guidelines, permits, and accessioning.

Salvage: Under our state and federal permits, the UMZM also accepts salvaged birds and mammals found dead in Montana with the exception of eagles and threatened or endangered species. Specimens must be in good condition and accompanied by collection data, including at least collector name, date, and location as specific as possible. They should be wrapped lightly in tissue or paper towel, bagged, and kept frozen until transfer. Contact the curator for more information if you would like to regularly salvage specimens for the UMZM.


2021 t-shirt

Need a new shirt? Show your museum love and support the UMZM at the same time! Our custom design celebrates the work of all types of natural history museums, with some special hidden nods to the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum. Several styles, colors, and sizes are available.


2022 stickers

2022 marks 125 years of the UMZM! Founded in 1897 upon the arrival of UM's first Biology professor Dr. Morton Elrod, and dedicated in 1997 to honor the foundational contributions of Dr. Phil Wright, the UMZM has been one of the primary resources for vertebrate biodiversity information in the northern Rocky Mountain region for over a century.
To celebrate this landmark, all donors to the UMZM in 2022 will receive a pair of stickers, including a logo sticker and a special 125-year anniversary sticker. Just fill out the Friends of the Museum form below, and we'll send them your way! (Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery, as we will be mailing them out in batches.)


The Friends of the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum include all of our donors, both one-time and recurring, to any of the funds supporting the UMZM. Donors receive our biannual museum newsletter, prioritization for private or small-group tours upon request, and invitations to receptions and other special events. The majority of what the UMZM is able to accomplish—from basic operations to research to student training and opportunities—is made possible through the generosity of our donors. We appreciate your support!

Donations can be made to any of three funds supporting the UMZM. If you'd like to specify which fund to support, please leave a note in the comment box under Additional Questions.

59V - Friends of the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum: general operating funds
6KJ - Rebecca Romero Memorial Endowment: student training and special opportunities
71G - Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum Endowment: investing in the future of the UMZM

To discuss planned giving, please contact the UMZM Curator or call the UM Foundation at (406) 243-2593.