Fitness Classes

With wide variety of group classes every week, taught by highly qualified instructors, Fitness Programs offers something for everyone.

Check out the slideshow of 8 items below:

  • Slide Title: Ab Lab Slide Caption: Intense core conditioning
  • Slide Title: Barre Slide Caption: Combination of ballet, yoga, Pilates and dance
  • Slide Title: Cycling Slide Caption: Endurance, interval and strength training
  • Slide Title: HIC Slide Caption: High intensity circuits
  • Slide Title: Oula Slide Caption: High-energy, easy-to-learn dance workout to Top 40 hits
  • Slide Title: Pilates Reformer Slide Caption: Core, breath, alignment and total body work
  • Slide Title: Power Pump Slide Caption: Total body strength training with weights
  • Slide Title: Yoga Slide Caption: A variety of styles for strength, flexibility and balance

Registration is required for individual fee classes such as Pilates Reformer and Active for Life.  

register today

Sign up for HIIT through our online registration portal the day of the class.

If you have any questions, call (406) 243-2833 or email us.

Unlimited Group Fitness Pass


For $50 per semester starting this spring, group fitness classes will be UNLIMITED. That includes all strength classes, cycling, HIIT, dance, yoga, mind-body and more! The only classes that do not apply are individual fee classes such as Active for Life and Pilates Reformer.

After January 13, we will no longer have punch cards, so use them up before that date!

Individual Fee Classes

Each of our individual fee classes have a separate fee due to the progressive nature of the class and/or the expertise of the instructor. As a result, unlimited group fitness passes are not valid for Active for Life or Pilates Reformer.  Participants must register for these classes using the online registration portal or at the Fitness and Recreation Center front desk.  Individual fee classes held in the Fitness and Recreation Center also require a Campus Recreation membership or guest pass.

Fitness Class Schedule

  • ONLINE FITNESS CLASSES - in response to COVID-19, Fitness Programs is offering live fitness classes from a private Facebook Group. You can access that group here!
For fitness class schedules, cancellations and much more, download the free Campus Rec mobile app or check the web app.