Bike and Ski Workshop

Bike Maintenance

The Outdoor Program workshop is located on the northeast corner of the Fitness and Recreation Center. Bring in your bike or winter gear to fix, tune, and keep you moving outdoors. We have a clean, friendly environment with all the tools needed. Plus knowledgeable shop attendants are on hand to provide assistance. Here are just a few things you can do in our workshop:

  • Pump your bike tires
  • Fix a flat
  • Lube a chain
  • Fix gears
  • Wax skis or boards
  • Sharpen edges
  • Purchase supplies as needed, such as bike tubes, cables, housing, wax, p-tex, and more. 

Bike Maintenance

  • Do-It-Yourself:  $4.00 per half hour. Use our bike stands and tools to fix your bike on your own.
  • Assisted:  $10.00 per half hour. Knowledgeable shop attendants will assist you with bike repairs.
  • Air/Pump your own tires: FREE!

Ski and Board Maintenance

  • Do-It-Yourself:  $8.00 per hour. Use our bench and tools to tune your winter equipment on your own.
  • Assisted:  $15.00 per hour. Knowledgeable shop attendants will assist you with waxing and sharpening your winter equipment.