Graduate Council Members

Faculty Members

Cara Nelson, Forestry (2021) - Co-Chair
Sara Rinfret, Public Administration and Policy (2021) - Co-Chair
Kelly McKinnie, Mathematics (2022)
Jason Triche, Management & Marketing (2023)
Ekaterina Voronina, DBS (2021)
Jody Paviack,  History (2023)
Curtis Noonan, Public & Community Health (2022)
Eric Reimer, English (2021)
Michael DeGrandpre, Chemistry (2022)
Katrina Mullan, Economics (2023)
Valarie Moody, Integrative Physiology and Athletic Training (2023)
Jeb Puryear, Teaching and Learning (2023)


Ex-Officio Members

Scott Whittenburg, Vice President, Research and Creative Scholarship and Dean of the Graduate School
Ashby Kinch, Associate Dean, Graduate School

Graduate Students:

 Cierra Anderson 
 Hallee Kansman 
 Gray O'reilly

DIS Oversight Committee Members

Kelly McKinnie, Mathematics
Cara Nelson, Forestry
Jody Pavilack, History
Michael DeGrandpre, Chemistry


DIS Admissions Committee Members

John Quindry, Integrative Physiology and Athletic Training (2021) 
Ben Colman, Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences (2021)
Kirsten Murray, Department of Counseling (2021)

Subcommittee Members


Kyle Volke, History
_________, English

Social Sciences

David Schuldberg, Psychology
Sara Rinfret, Public Administration
Curtis Noonan, Public & Community Health


Kelly McKinnie Mathematics
Ekaterina Voronina, DBS
Michael DeGrandpre, Chemistry


Simona Stan, Management 
Nadia White, Journalism
Michael Murphy, Media Arts