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 Faculty Senate

The University of Montana

Writing Committee

Monthly Meetings, 1st Monday's from 10:10 -12:00 a.m.

Writing Assessment Motion, 9/10/13

Rubric used to approved Writing Courses 
Rubric to assess students' work in approved Writing Courses /bulleted rubric
Writing Course Guidelines
Information Literacy

Getting to the Heart of Revision (11/2/12).

  • How Rubrics Help Students and Teachers 
  • Providing Productive Feedback in a Reasonable Amount of Time 
  • Revision Strategies that Work

Three sessions co-sponsored by the ASCRC Writing Committee, the Faculty Development Office, and the Pedagogy Project. Videos of the sessions are available at


The primary responsibility of the Writing Committee is ongoing evaluation and assessment of the appropriateness and effectiveness of writing requirements and criteria.  The Writing Committee acts as an advocate for effective writing, proposes revisions to the requirements and criteria, and reviews writing course proposals. The Committee monitors the programs of the Writing Center and writing assessment procedures, results, and appeals. 


Faculty Members  

Beverly Chin, English (Chair) 2014
Gene Burns, HHP 2015
Cathy Corr, Applied Arts & Science 2014
Megan Stark, Mansfield Library 2014
John Glendening, English 2015
Sherrill Brown, Pharmacy 2016
Irene Appelbaum, Linguistics 2016
Marcia Kmetz, Applied Arts & Science 2016
Douglas Raiford, Computer Science 2016
G.G. Weix, Anthropology 2015

Student Members

Additional Representatives (Ex-Officio)
Arlene Walker-Andrews , Associate Provost
Joe Hickman, Interim Registrar
Kelly Webster, Director, Writing Center
Amy Ratto-Parks, Interim Director, Composition Program

Rolling Review of Wrting Courses


Course Group

September 27,2013 Humanities and Fine Arts
Fall 2014 Professional Schools and Sciences
Fall 2015 Social Science
Fall 2016 (Fall 2012) Writing and LIterature









Faculty Senate

The University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812