Research and Creative Scholarship Fund

The Research and Creative Scholarship Fund was created in the 2015-2016 Academic Year after your student government, ASUM, passed its $1.00/Semester “Research Fee” through a student referendum in spring of 2015. The Fund is composed of student-fee money, an annual contribution from the Office for Research and Creative Scholarship, and an annual contribution from the Office of the Provost. The fund was set up to help finance student research, creative works, and also travel to present research or creative works or travel to volunteer or participate in professional development.

Previously Funded Project Examples

-Jana Wiegand went to Brazil to study and report on the collapse of the Rio Doce Dam, bringing her one step closer to her Master's Degree in Journalism.

-Claire Voris, and MFA Student, rode on the Chief-Joseph Trail with the Nez Pierce tribe to gain authentic experience to complete her non-fiction novel, which she hopes to publish soon.

-Half a dozen students (including Carmen Luke and Kayla Duford) went to Gondor Ethiopia to engage in an Interdisciplinary Health Clinic as Pharmacists and Physical Therapists.

-RCSF sent an undergraduate student, Kenzie Lombardi, to complete her internship at the Democratic National Convention.