Wood and wildlife

Learn how to promote, restore and conserve forests and their resources – from water and wildlife to wood products. Here you’ll study how forests function from soil to canopy and you’ll build expertise in the biological, physical, social and management sciences vital to the stewardship of forested landscapes. You’ll also literally put boots to the ground to study ecology, wildfire, silviculture, sustainable timber harvesting and many other topics – learning how to integrate your studies to manage forests for resources as diverse as wildlife habitat, wood products, recreation and carbon sequestration. Our graduates work as district rangers, forest ecologists, fire supervisors, forest planners, timber managers and more.


of our graduates have won the Society of American Foresters’ Young Forester Leadership Award in past five years


Forestry was the founding program of the W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation


of FCFC graduates are employed or in graduate school

30,000 acres

of land managed for faculty and student research and learning



Job Titles