Earn your Associates Degree in Nursing at Missoula College

The demand for skilled nurses shows no sign of slowing down over the next decade. A rewarding profession that you can practice in nearly every community, there are few jobs that can boast the security and availability that nursing does. Graduates will gain experience and skills that will prepare them to play a vital role in patient care. Promoting health, preventing disease, helping patients cope with illness and being an advocate for not just patients, but families and communities too.


of Missoula College RN students complete the program


RN's are rated number 1 in the Gallop Poll for honesty and ethics 


of Missoula College RN graduates find a job within six months

What can you do with a Degree in Registered Nursing?

Earning an Associate of Science (AS) degree in Nursing at Missoula College prepares students to be excellent nurses who will play a vital role in patient care and recovery. Students obtain knowledge and skills to promote health, prevent disease, help patients cope with illness, and be an advocate for patients, families and communities. Registered Nurses (RNs) are employed in many different healthcare settings providing direct patient care, assessing and recording symptoms, reactions, progress and outcomes. RNs also collaborate with other healthcare team members to help patients take steps to improve or maintain their health.

An AS in Nursing from Missoula College empowers students to become competent and caring individuals that assist in meeting the healthcare needs of the local community, region, state, nation, and the world. The nursing program offers a personalized student and faculty experience with access to the newest practices in our skills lab. Financial aid is available for those who qualify, helping to open doors for anyone who wants to improve his or her education and career opportunities.

Salary Statistics for Registered Nurses

The average annual salary for registered nurses in Montana was $73,000 and $82,000 for the US in 2022. Job outlook is expected to increase by 6% and over 3 million Registered nursing jobs currently exist in the US.

Experiential Learning in a the Registered Nursing Program

Missoula College aims to provide an excellent and dynamic learning environment through creative educational and clinical opportunities. This will prepare graduates for today's practice as caring and skilled nurses who assist in meeting the diverse healthcare needs of local and global communities.

Career Development Opportunities

The Missoula College Nursing Program develops partnerships with local and regional healthcare facilities to establish a variety of learning opportunities and provide exposure to diverse populations for our students.

Study Registered Nursing at Missoula College

The Nursing program at Missoula College, University of Montana, equips students with the skills and expertise required to excel in a critical healthcare field. With a comprehensive curriculum, promising employment statistics, and a focus on experiential learning and career development, students are well-prepared to embark on fulfilling careers. Registered Nursing provides the foundation for success in improving patients' care.

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