Recommended approach

Web pages and sites

Instructional Materials

Moodle, classroom podiums and campus computer labs (course "environments") have all been made more accessible.  In addition, digital instructional material needs to be accessible when used in these environments. Refer to the individuals below for additional help on using these environments: 

  • Moodle: Marlene Zentz, UMOnline's Accessibility Specialist, (406) 243-6434
  • Central IT labs (Fine Arts 210 and LA 139): Lab accessibility - Tim McHenry, Assistive Technology Specialist, (406) 243-4461
    • PC Computer labs should be set up with the JAWS screen reader, ReadWrite Gold and Magic Screen Magnification.  
    • Macintosh labs should include ReadWrite Gold. 
  • Classrooms with podiums: Scott Christiansen, Multimedia Classroom Support Technician, (406) 243-5322
    • Closed captioning should automatically start for VHS tapes.
    • DVD closed captioning can be accessed through the menu on the DVD.

Lecture capture

Classrooms with podiums and presentation systems are normally equipped with easy to use lecture capture. Contact Adam Carroll, Presentation Equipment/Production Supervisor, (406-243-4875).


  • Keep documents in native formats.  Thus word processing documents and PowerPoint presentations are saved as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint respectively, not as PDFs.
  • Macintoshes provide additional challenges. 
  • OCR - You can convert image-based PDFs into text-based documents one at a time by using the ConvertDoc OCR program

Media - captions

Submit videos for captioning and audio-recordings for transcripts (opens a new tab).

You can be more involved with transcription and captioning in three ways:



UM's Resolution Agreement requires that all EIT (electronic and information technology) be accessible. No EIT has been "grandfathered" in.

Further information is available on software and hardware standards.


  • EIT purchases submitted to GrizMart are automatically submitted to an accessibility review process.  
  • There will also be periodic accessibility audits of other purchases.
  • Submit software and hardware for review before the purchase.


Contact Accessible Technology Services at (406) 243-2082 or email