A college education is worth the investment, that's why the University of Montana awards hundreds of scholarships to support students who show academic promise and potential. Students are only considered for scholarship eligibility if they are admitted for a spring or fall term.

All new incoming University of Montana students will be automatically considered for the Montana resident and Non-resident (including WUE) scholarships. The application for admission to the University of Montana will also be the student’s application for these Scholarship.

Start Earning Scholarships During High School

Get paid for the things you're already doing in high school with micro-scholarships. The University of Montana participates in the micro-scholarship program which lets you start earning scholarship money as early as 9th grade.

Free Money is free for high school students. We partnered with to allow you to earn scholarships to the University of Montana earlier in high school. When UM awards student scholarships on, we are guaranteeing these scholarships will be included in your financial aid package after you're admitted.

Example Activities

Get an A . . . Maintain a high GPA . . . Perfect attendance . . . Extracurricular activities . . . Score well on the ACT or SAT . . . Attend a college fair . . . Visit campus

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Additional Scholarship Opportunities