Cancer research projects by BMED faculty include investigations on breast cancer pharmacogenomics, glial brain tumors, mesothelioma, natural products, tumor-activated drugs, and tumor-selective imaging agents.

The interests in cancer research among BMED faculty cut across many disciplines including: pharmacology, toxicology, immunology, neuroscience, medicinal chemistry, genetics and pharmacogenomics. Departmental faculty utilize state-of-the-art approaches and technologies in synthetic organic chemistry, molecular biology, molecular pharmacology, genetics, imaging, spectroscopy, and computational modeling in their research. Ongoing projects range from pharmacogenomics of drug-metabolizing enzymes to molecular genetics of cancer, gene-environment interactions in cancer development, isolation of bioactive metabolites from bacteria and fungi, immune response and modulation in cancer, and biomarker and anticancer drug discovery. A list of BMED faculty interests in cancer can be found below.

Students working in the Cancer labs have pursued their graduate degrees in:

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