Blackfoot Lullabies

The Five Blackfoot Lullabies

Recorded by Mizuki Miyashita
Location, Browning, Montana

Year Singer Song
2007 James Boy kaanaiskiinaa
2007 James Boy aapi'sii
2007 Susie White Calf ponoka
2007 Susie White Calf aapi'si
2007 Susie White Calf mai'stoo


A few Blackfoot lullabies and other songs were collected in summer 2007, supported by the Phillips Fund for Native American Research at the American Philosophical Society.

Shirlee Crow Shoe interviewing James BoyThe project aimed to collect songs sung with lyrics consisting of identifiable words. I would like to acknowledge Shirlee Crow Shoe for serving as my research associate and conducting interviews with elders in Blackfoot. I would also like to thank the lullaby providers, the late James Boy and the late Susie White Calf.  The photo of the late James Boy and Shirlee Crow Shoe was taken in 2007. The process of recording and interlinear analysis of the lyrics is provided in the articles.

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  • Miyashita, Mizuki. 2011. “Five Blackfoot Lullabies.” Proceedings of The American Philosophical Society. Vol. 155, No. 3. 276-293. 

ayo'kaawa issitsimaana

Tears-in-her-eyes in Her Blackfoot Cradle.
Photo by Walter McClintock. 
In The Old North Trail: Life, Legends & Religion of the Blackfeet Indians.1968.(reprinted 1992) p203.