Joint Graduate Programs

The Master of Business Administration has successfully partnered with other graduate programs on the University of Montana campus to offer joint graduate degrees. These programs include the Juris Doctorate, Pharmacy Doctorate and Doctorate of Physical Therapy. The organization of the joint programs allows students to earn two separate degrees in a shortened period of time.


Students who wish to participate in any joint programs must comply with the standard admission requirements for each program separately. Students must be accepted to both programs. Nine (9) credits of coursework can be shared between the joint programs and a grade of B or better must be earned in those shared credits.

Joint  Graduate Programs

Joint Graduate Program

Taken as separate programs

Taken as Joint Graduate Program

Juris Doctorate and MBA (JD/MBA)

4 years

3 years

Doctorate of Physical Therapy and MBA (MBA/DPT)

4 years

3 years

Pharmacy Doctorate and MBA (MBA/Pharm. D)

5 years

4 years

*Other joint programs are evaluated on a case by case basis.