The University of Montana College of Business offers students the ability to earn certificates that display their expertise in certain subject matter. These certificates are great compliments to any major and most can be completed without having to take many courses outside a major's track.

Business Certificates

The Accounting Information Systems certificate prepares you for careers that bridge accounting and management information systems, such as consulting, internal audit, external auditor and other positions in which more than a basic knowledge of either accounting or MIS is necessary. While most appropriate for students majoring in accounting or MIS, this certificate is available to any undergraduate business major.

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This certificate is aimed at students majoring in business, computer science or mathematics and is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to compete in the big data space. You will use the latest digital tools to capture, analyze and present big data. You’ll also explore a variety of applications with which big data analysis can be used and then complete a big data project.

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The Business Certificate is a great way to gain general business knowledge, enhance your understanding of practices and become more marketable to employers. The UM Business Certificate is open to current students, alumni, community members, and students at other colleges. All courses can be taken online and the certificate can be completed in one year.

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The Cybersecurity Management Certificate is designed to provide you with the technical and managerial skills necessary to work in the cybersecurity field – a key priority among today’s organizations. You will explore a variety of cybersecurity management topics and apply that knowledge through innovative applications.

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Digital marketing students must be skilled users of data and understand the role of quantitative data in decision-making. This certificate program teaches you skills in online and social media marketing and e-commerce, bridging the fields of marketing and MIS to prepare students to pursue careers in this field. Employers, such as advertising agencies and nonprofit organizations, expect such proficiency.

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From show marketing to budgeting events to managing venues, our program will introduce you to the business of entertainment while giving you the opportunity to learn from top professionals in this field. You’ll learn and practice the processes involved in developing, presenting and sustaining an artist's career, as demonstrated through real-life examples from our core instructors' professional careers, while incorporating related business aspects of the entertainment profession. Certificates are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

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The America we know and love today has only been made possible by innovators and entrepreneurs throughout our history. Great people doing great things for the good of the whole. The majority of entrepreneurs come and go without achieving large fame, but their impact on our society can not be understated. Our Entrepreneurship New-Venture-Creation certificate program encourages innovative and critical thinking. Graduates will gain the skills and knowledge to think outside the box and approach problems from different angles. 

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This certificate prepares you to incorporate sustainability considerations into strategic business decisions. Not only do sustainability concerns affect risk management and the costs of doing business; sustainability considerations can also offer opportunities for innovation, enhanced product differentiation and value for customers, and employee recruitment and retention. Your studies will include both classroom and hands-on experience.

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