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Are You Ready to Join the Best Business School in the Big Sky?

The University of Montana College of Business is the oldest AACSB-accredited business college in the state. Today, we're known as a top provider of business education in the region. We have been named the top business school in the Big Sky Conference for six consecutive years. Our goal is to help students realize their potential and thrive as future business leaders.

The College of Business focuses on applied, experiential education by having students participate in hands-on business projects. Over 80% of our students complete at least one internship prior to graduating and become confident technologists. We're especially adept at helping students with professional networking. Because the college is nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in a spectacular natural environment, we attract the interest of international and national business experts. Over 100 business professionals come to the Gallagher Business Building each year to share their knowledge through formal lectures and to talk with and recruit students. Over 82% of students are employed or in graduate school within three months of graduation.

Video: Student Spotlight: Alexa Coyle

"What makes the College of Business a special place to go to school? I would say is hands down, the people" - Alexa Coyle, class of 2020 and current MBA student.

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At the UM College of Business we prepare students for the opportunities of tomorrow. Customize your education from seven undergraduate majorseight certificatesone minor and three graduate programs.

Undergraduate Majors

Because virtually all organizations produce and use financial data for decision making, the career possibilities for an accounting major are diverse.

Learn more about a degree in Accounting.

Business Management students can choose from four different tracks of study: Entertainment Management, Sustainable Business Strategy, Human Resource Management, and General Management.

Learn more about a degree in Business Management.

Cybersecurity degrees are in high demand, with a 33% job growth expected nationally over the next decade.

The cybersecurity major is designed to provide you with the technical and managerial skills necessary to work in the cybersecurity field – a key priority among today’s organizations. You will explore a variety of cybersecurity management topics and apply that knowledge through innovative applications, providing students with the skills needed to excel in the cybersecurity workforce. 

A finance degree can lead to exciting careers in Banking, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Financial Planning, Corporate Finance, Economics or International Finance.

Learn more about a degree in Finance.

The International Business curriculum provides students with the opportunity to focus on the managerial, economic, cultural, political, and social dimensions that will prepare them for participation in a global business community.

Learn more about a degree in International Business.

Our MIS students are prepared for a variety of jobs, such as IT consultants, systems analysts, business analysts, programmers, database administrators, web developers, and network administrators.

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Marketing students will find career opportunities in advertising, sales, retail management, product marketing, marketing research, and customer service. Our students also will find career opportunities in a variety of industries, including the computer industry, sports marketing, travel and tourism, banking, nonprofit arenas, and government.

Learn more about a degree in Marketing.

Business Minor

A minor in business is a great compliment to any major at the University of Montana. 

Learn more about how a minor in business may benefit you.

Business Certificates

This certificate is aimed at students majoring in business, computer science or mathematics and is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to compete in the big data space. You will use the latest digital tools to capture, analyze and present big data. You’ll also explore a variety of applications with which big data analysis can be used and then complete a big data project.

Learn more about the Big Data Analytics Certificate.

The Business Certificate is a great way to gain general business knowledge, enhance your understanding of practices and become more marketable to employers. The UM Business Certificate is open to current students, alumni, community members, and students at other colleges. All courses can be taken online and the certificate can be completed in one year.

Learn more about the Business Certificate.

The Cybersecurity Management Certificate is designed to provide you with the technical and managerial skills necessary to work in the cybersecurity field – a key priority among today’s organizations. You will explore a variety of cybersecurity management topics and apply that knowledge through innovative applications.

Learn more about the Cybersecurity Management Certificate.

Digital marketing students must be skilled users of data and understand the role of quantitative data in decision-making. This certificate program teaches you skills in online and social media marketing and e-commerce, bridging the fields of marketing and MIS to prepare students to pursue careers in this field. Employers, such as advertising agencies and nonprofit organizations, expect such proficiency.

Learn more about the Digital Marketing Certificate.

From show marketing to budgeting events to managing venues, our program will introduce you to the business of entertainment while giving you the opportunity to learn from top professionals in this field. You’ll learn and practice the processes involved in developing, presenting and sustaining an artist's career, as demonstrated through real-life examples from our core instructors' professional careers, while incorporating related business aspects of the entertainment profession. Certificates are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Learn more the UMEM program.

The America we know and love today has only been made possible by innovators and entrepreneurs throughout our history. Great people doing great things for the good of the whole. The majority of entrepreneurs come and go without achieving large fame, but their impact on our society can not be understated. Our Entrepreneurship New-Venture-Creation certificate program encourages innovative and critical thinking. Graduates will gain the skills and knowledge to think outside the box and approach problems from different angles. 

Learn more about a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation.

The Information & Control Assurance (ICA) certificate prepares you for careers that bridge accounting and management information systems, such as consulting, internal audit, external auditor and other positions in which more than a basic knowledge of either accounting or MIS is necessary. While most appropriate for students majoring in accounting or MIS, this certificate is available to any undergraduate business major.

Learn more about the Information & Control Assurance Certificate.

This certificate prepares you to incorporate sustainability considerations into strategic business decisions. Not only do sustainability concerns affect risk management and the costs of doing business; sustainability considerations can also offer opportunities for innovation, enhanced product differentiation and value for customers, and employee recruitment and retention. Your studies will include both classroom and hands-on experience.

Learn more about the Sustainable Business Strategy Certificate.

Graduate Programs

Accelerate your career potential with the Montana MAcct. The Master of Accountancy at the University of Montana offers more than just another year of coursework. Our curriculum is designed to help you develop a high level of technical knowledge, acquire in-demand data analytics skills, and to facilitate growth of peer and professional networks leadership capability for advancement in the accounting profession. Whether your interest is auditing, tax planning and strategy, technology and risk assurance, or wealth management, you'll be prepared to pass the CPA exam and land a great job that launches a fantastic career. Discover how we help students meet their goals and learn more about our program.

Learn more about the MAcct program.

The University of Montana MBA prepares students to operate in today’s rapidly changing professional environment. We help you broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills so you can meet today’s challenges and succeed in the workplace of the future.

No matter your schedule or where you are located, the UM MBA — Montana’s only MBA — will help you meet your goals.

Learn more about the MBA program.

Whether you are a business professional, a person looking to re-tool your skillset for the cutting-edge field of data analytics, or a talented undergraduate, the University of Montana’s Master’s of Science in Business Analytics prepares graduates for successful careers at the intersection of business, statistics, and computing. 

Learn more about the MSBA program.

Direct Admit Program for Incoming Freshmen

Incoming freshmen now have the opportunity to join the College of Business before they step on campus through the Direct Admit Program. Networking, scholarships, career development and advising are all available through the College of Business for Direct Admit students. Learn more about Direct Admit.