The University of Montana offers the nation's first interdisciplinary, undergraduate degree program in climate change. The minor in Climate Change Studies (CCS) combines rigorous training in sciences with coursework in ethics and policy to offer students a unique, multidisciplinary understanding of climate change. The CCS minor provides students opportunity to become informed and engaged on the issue — from multi-disciplinary coursework, to field studies, to study abroad and service learning opportunities.

“The climate change topic is rapidly evolving from only an earth science issue to a technological, economic and sociological issue. We have designed a broad interdisciplinary curriculum to reflect this expanding focus.” 
Dr. Steve Running, former Climate Change Studies Program Director, and a lead author on the Nobel Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The CCS minor educates students in three areas of the climate change issue: science, society, and solutions. Coursework in the minor provides a foundation that enables students to engage the scientific, societal and political dimensions of global climate change. Further, the focus on solutions with its orientation toward applied learning helps students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Climate Change Studies Program is a joint program with the Davidson Honors CollegeCollege of Forestry and Conservation, College of Humanities and Sciences, and Missoula College's Energy Technology Program that draws on the expertise of faculty across the university and includes students from more than 20 majors.

Climate change studies at the University of Montana 

Climate Change studies at the University of Montana