The Climate Change Studies minor draws students from across campus and varied disciplines. Students from over 20 majors are enrolled in the minor, including applied sciences, environmental studies, geosciences, biology, ecology, wildlife biology, geography, resource conservation, wildland restoration, philosophy, business management, and journalism. Fifteen percent of our students are Presidential Leadership Scholars and many have won national scholarships, including three Truman Scholars, four Udall Scholars, and one Fulbright Scholar.

Climate Change Studies students at the University of Montana 

What students say about the Climate Change Studies program

“After taking the minor I have realized that this minor should be taught as a general requirement for all students, because the implications of not knowing this vital information could be negative in the future.”

“This minor has enabled me to take my energy technology degree to the next level, providing me with a more fully rounded education.”

“Before joining the minor I really had no idea what I would do with my major as a job. But I was so drawn to this issue, it ignites something inside of me that makes me so furious and inspired and I now go out into my post-grad life so excited to get a job and so motivated to continue learning.”

“This has inspired me to go to nursing school. I hope to use my climate change degree along with my nursing degree to travel to the areas in the world that are deeply impacted by climate change and help out with health-related issues — but mostly to provide education to people in those areas about how to protect their health under changing circumstances.“