In order to access your dining plan, you will need to obtain a temporary Griz Card from the Griz Card Center on the first floor of the University Center. To prevent unauthorized use, please report your missing Griz Card immediately. Report your lost Griz Card online 24 hours a day at Lost Griz Card, or call 406-243-6943 during business hours. Once you report your Griz Card as missing, it is deactivated to prevent unauthorized use of your privileges including door access, dining plans and Flex Dollars, Bear Bucks, ticket pickup and UMoney accounts. You are responsible for any activity associated with your Griz Card prior to reporting it lost or stolen.

Yes. Anyone with an active Griz Card (faculty, staff, students, affiliates, retirees and alumni) can purchase our residential dining plans, the Destination Dining plan or activate a Bear Bucks account. Please stop by the UM Campus Dining Main Office in Lommasson 114, call our dining plan specialist at 406-243-6325, or email us our Dining Plan Specialist for more information.

It is a University of Montana policy that all students living on campus must purchase a residential dining plan. During the fall semester 2020, the All-Campus Dining Plan will be offered for all residential students, providing more dining options. The City Fire Marshal does not allow cooking within the residence halls, and on-campus housing is not designed to safely accommodate cooking or food preparation of any kind.

Your Griz Card is the only way to access your dining plan and Flex Dollars and must be presented when purchasing food.

UM Campus Dining accommodates most medical dietary restrictions. The services of our registered dietitian are provided as part of your dining plan. Our dietitian will assist you in identifying which foods within Campus Dining operations will meet your specific dietary needs. All students living in a residence hall must, per University policy, purchase a dining plan.

The All-Campus Dining Plan provides $78.75 in weekly dining funds, $100 in Flex Dollars per semester and campuswide access to our dining venues. If you were to spend $78.75 per week exclusively in the Food Zoo, this would allow 21 entrances.

When you make a purchase with your dining plan, the remaining balance is displayed at the cash register.  You can also check these balances at the courtesy reader located in the UM Campus Dining Main Office (Lommasson 114), or ask any Campus Dining cashier.

Both the All-Campus Dining Plan and the Destination Dining Plan each include five guest meal entries to the Food Zoo per semester. Additional guest entries will be deducted from your All-Campus Plan or your Flex Dollars at discounted Bear Bucks price, provided you accompany them into the dining room. When hosting a guest at a retail operation, standard retail pricing applies.

You cannot allow anyone else to use your Griz Card. Our cashiers will confiscate any card being used by someone other than the pictured cardholder.

Yes, under the following conditions: Dining plan changes can be made any time before and throughout the semester. To change your dining plan, contact the Dining Plan Specialist by calling 406-243-6325 or by email with your full name, student ID number (it starts with 790), phone number and dining plan selection. You may also stop by the UM Campus Dining Main Office in the Lommasson Center Room 114 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

If you move off-campus, you may cancel your dining plan and receive a prorated refund, less a $25 cancellation fee. Your dining plan will remain in effect until you present a signed UM Housing Check-Out Authorization Form to the UM Campus Dining Main Office in Lommasson 114, at which point your dining plan will remain in effect until the following Saturday night.

Once official notification is received, the refund will be credited to your student account. Business Services can assist you in accessing your prorated dining plan refund.

The last day to cancel a dining plan for fall semester 2020 is Sept. 18, 2020, and Feb. 12, 2021, for spring semester 2021, unless you are withdrawing from the University. The last day to receive a prorated dining plan refund due to withdrawal from the University is Oct. 26, 2020, for the fall semester 2020, and April 9, 2021, for the spring semester 2021.

If your weekly dining plan fund balance is lower than $3.75, you can supplement that balance with your Flex Dollars, Bear Bucks, UMoney, cash, Visa/Mastercard (credit or debit) at the $3.75 dining plan entrance price. You must deplete your weekly dining plan fund balance before any alternate funding will be accepted. Once you have depleted your weekly dining plan fund balance, you will be charged at the discounted Bear Bucks price.

A dining plan is a prepaid purchase of meals for the semester. The difference between the full cost of the dining plan and the sum of the weekly dining plan fund represents all non-food costs and overhead such as labor, supplies, rent, utilities and other expenses necessary to operate UM's Campus Dining facilities. All expenses associated with providing meal service to our guests in the Food Zoo are incurred whether a student uses the service or not. Campus Dining is entirely self-funded and as such, receives no state funding.

All net revenues, including unused weekly dining plan funds, go into our capital project fund. Campus Dining is entirely self-funded, and our capital funds go toward the purchase of small and large equipment, facility maintenance and improvements, and development of new dining concepts and services.

Flex Dollars are part of the dining plan for that semester and do not carry over from fall semester to spring semester, or from one academic year to the next.

Once you have depleted your Flex Dollars, you may activate your Bear Bucks account for discounted entrance into the Food Zoo. Bear Bucks are also accepted at any of our other Campus Dining retail venues