Mobile Emergency Procedures

UM Police Department (UMPD) Emergency Number: (406) 243-4000


  • If a person is seen with a weapon outdoors, immediately seek shelter in the nearest building.
  • If a person enters a building with a weapon, immediately evacuate the building.
  • Contact UMPD at ext. 4000 at the first opportunity if no alert has been broadcast.
  • If escape is not possible, lockdown and barricade in your building classroom or office.
  • Be prepared to fight if the active shooter enters your room.
  • Follow instructions provided by the UM Alert System and emergency response personnel.

Active Shooter: Immediate Response, Preparedness, Protocol


  • Call UMPD at ext. 4000 and provide as much information as possible about the situation.
  • Do not approach or handle any suspicious package or device.
  • Notify your supervisor of professor.
  • Evacuate building if alerted from building emergency team or University Police.
  • Do not re-enter building until the all clear is given.

Bomb Threat or Suspicious Package: Bomb Threat Protocol, Receipt of Suspicious Letter or Package


  • Drop, cover, hold on.
  • Take cover under desks, tables or other heavy furniture, if possible.
  • Use extreme caution when evacuating the building.
  • Do not use elevators during an evacuation.
  • If outside, go to a clear open space away from buildings, trees and other structures.

Earthquake: Protocol


  • Activate the fire alarm using a manual pull station.
  • Notify others and evacuate the building.
  • Disperse away from the building and move to at least one building away and out of sight of the hazard.
  • Do not use elevators during an evacuation.

Fire: Protocol


  • If material is spilled or released inside building, alert others and evacuate the building.
  • Notify UMPD at ext. 4000.
  • If release is from an outside source, alert others and shelter in place within the building.
  • Move to an interior room or area away from doors and windows, if possible.
  • Do not exit the area until instructed to do so by UMPD or emergency responders.

Chemical Spill or Release (Hazmat Incident): Protocol


  • Call 911 first, then alert UMPD at ext. 4000.
  • Provide information about the injury and the location of the victim(s).
  • Provide first aid or medical assistance if trained and necessary.
  • Remain with the victim until emergency response personnel arrive.

Medical Emergencies: Protocol

ON CAMPUS VIOLENCE: (Demonstrations, Protests, Marches) Report all acts or threats of violence to UMPD at ext. 4000.

  • Do not provoke or obstruct demonstrators or protestors.
  • If near the civil unrest, leave the area immediately.
  • Alert others of the situation.
  • Follow lockout procedures if safer to remain in the building.

Civil Disturbance/Demonstrations: Protocol


  • Contact Facility Services at (406) 243-6091.
  • Exit the area, using flashlights on cell phones if necessary to reach an area lighted with emergency lights.
  • Evacuate the building if informed to do so by UMPD or the building’s emergency team.
  • Do not re-enter the building until utilities are restored or permission is given.

Utility Outage: Protocol


  • If severe weather is expected to impact campus soon, follow shelter-in-place procedures or instructions given the building’s emergency team.
  • If a basement level is not available in your building, move to an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor.
  • Stay away from windows and glass doors.
  • Remain in location until storm has passed.
  • Be cautious when exiting the building due to possible broken glass, downed trees, etc.

Severe Thunderstorms / High Winds: Protocol | Winter Storms and Cold Spells: Protocol


UM will use the American Red Cross Safe and Well website to help people communicate from inside emergency or disaster-affected areas to loved ones outside the area.

  • Click on the "List Myself as Safe and Well" button to register yourself as "safe and well" on the site. 
  • Search for loved ones who have registered as "safe and well" by clicking the Search Registrants button.
  • Required information includes name, home address, phone number, current city, and state.
  • Registrants can add their own personal message, but must select at least one standard safe and well message. 
  • Registrants can update their Facebook and Twitter status via Safe and Well.


Barricade: Placing objects such as furniture, desks, tables, equipment, etc. in front of doors to prevent or impede entry of an armed individual.  

Evacuate: Dispersing away from a building due to fire, explosion, chemical release, utility outage, etc. and placing another building between you and the hazard.    

Lockdown: An emergency safety procedure in which faculty, staff and students lock down their classroom or office to prevent the entrance of an armed intruder or active shooter.  Exterior doors are also locked if safe to do so. 

Lockout: Occupants of a building are directed to remain inside of a building from an outside potential threat.  Occupants are free to move around in the building since there is not an imminent threat to life and safety.

Shelter-in-place: Use of a structure and its indoor atmosphere to temporarily separate individuals from a hazardous atmosphere. No locking of doors is initiated.

Emergency Notification Definitions

All Other Protocols:

Floods: Protocol | Landslides / Avalanche: Protocol | Wildfires: Protocol | Volcanoes (Ash): Protocol | Terrorism (Chemical, Biological and Radiological) (CBR): Protocol | Pandemic Outbreak: Protocol