Information for Faculty Advisors & Internship Supervisors

Faculty Advisors

Will fall internships continue as originally planned?

Employers may make changes to fall internships. Students are encouraged to proactively discuss any changes including a remote, postponed, or canceled internships with the internship host organization and their UM faculty internship advisor. 

For fall internships, students should stay in contact with the host organization to learn of any changes resulting from rebalanced financial, operational, and/or staffing challenges resulting from the COVID-19.

Any internships must adhere to the latest guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

What should a student do if in-person internship, practicum, volunteer service or field experience hours are required for graduation?

Students are encouraged to discuss conditions for completion of the hours with their departmental chair, advisor, or faculty member to complete the required hours. 

UM will encourage all students, vaccinated or not, to wear masks indoors.  

View the document on Modifications to Experiential Learning Instruction here

If the service learning class or internship CAN be completed remotely

  1. Students are to continue to add value to the project and work with their site and faculty advisors to create a plan to complete their commitment

  2. Students should document their work as a proactive measure in case additional restrictions are placed on our communities

If the service learning class or internship CANNOT be completed remotely:

  1. Work with the student and internship or service learning supervisor to mitigate possible virus transmission. Ensure social distancing; make soap, hand sanitizer, gloves and masks available and follow CDC best practices.

  2. Adapt academic assignments to include a research component on a topic related to their service learning activities, internship site, work responsibilities, industry, etc.

  3. Require a reflection paper on work to date

  4. Ask the student to propose a means of course completion

  5. Assign a series of readings, Ted Talks, YouTube videos, blog posts, etc. related to their service learning activities, internship site, work responsibilities, industry, etc.

If students’ summer internships or service learning are cancelled, FORBES shared ideas for what to do.

The health and safety of students and our communities is our top priority and we appreciate all you are doing to support students during this challenging time.

Internship Supervisors

UM COVID-19 Guidelines for Off-Campus Research

The UM Office of Research and Creative Scholarship (ORCS) has proposed updated guidelines for off-campus field research. UM research activities will move to Level 1 as of Monday, May 4. To view the guidelines for Research Level 1 and to find more related information, visit the ORCS COVID-19 resource page.