Jenn and Tom Winter smilingInfluencing Montana’s healthcare services and policies for the benefit of children and youth with healthcare needs is a priority of the MT F2F.  We do this by connecting with families and healthcare providers, and sharing their stories with programs, agency leadership, legislators, and others holding public office. 

Montana is still a state where grassroots effort and collectively raised voices have significant impact.  Bravely sharing our lived experiences with people who can effect positive change for our families is a responsibility we gladly assume.

a group of three women and a man standing and smiling  Here are some ways you can advocate for change:

  • Join or create groups to share experiences, encourage others, and build voting blocs that will support goals you have identified.
  • Join or form a bipartisan political group that meets during the legislative season to raise awareness and share stories with policy makers.
  • Contact the MT F2F and share your family’s story or unmet need with a member of the team.  Your story will be shared, with your permission, as we find opportunities to influence change.
  • Sign up to receive alerts/legislative calls to action, and respond to requests for action by writing emails, sending letters, and making calls in support of the action (if you believe it would benefit your child and other Montanans with disabilities/diagnoses). 

Two resources to consider:

  • The Montana Association of Centers for Independent Living Action Alert System provides alerts to inform you about issues that affect people with disabilities, families, and caregivers at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Disability Rights Montana provides a newsletter focused on issues affecting Montanans with disabilities.

Periodically contact your congressional delegation and state representatives.  Remind them on a regular basis who you are, how important your child is, and what you expect from them as a registered voter.

Oh yes!  Register to vote if you haven’t already, and be prepared to cast your ballot at every opportunity!