Greek Core Values


There is no road-map for becoming a high performing individual or organization. Fraternities and sororities offer the opportunity for students to learn more about themselves through the service of leadership. Leadership can be learned in fraternities and sororities by serving on executive boards, leading committees, or even planning an event. By participating in the self-governed and self-running organizations students develop skills in becoming an authentic leader on campus.

Active Citizenship:

Now more than ever it is essential to be an active member of the world. The commitment fraternities and sororities have to engaging in the campus, local, national, and global communities are ever present. Through the participating of philanthropic and service opportunities students develop the skills of becoming a humble servant who actively identifies ways to give back to the world.

Lifelong Friendship:

Well-built relationships, both inside and outside of individual organizations, are what create the lifelong benefits of a fraternity or sorority. Students strive to create a "home away from home" environment of their fellow members. Through the relationships that are built and maintained, students are able to accomplish both personal and organizational goals because they are constantly surrounded by those who support their endeavors.

Intellectual Development:

Students are at the University of Montana to learn and prepare for their futures. Fraternities and sororities provide opportunities to enhance learning through their focus on academic achievement and intellectual development both in and out of the classroom.