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Spring Recruitment 2024

Now more than ever, cultivating meaningful relationships matters. Membership in one of our organizations will surround you with people who challenge you to become the best version of yourself while supporting who you are today. Our members are successful students and leaders because they found their people and their purpose in the fraternity and sorority community. Are you ready to find yours?

Living in a Chapter Facility:

The University of Montana is home to 8 chapter facilities that house all of our Panhellenic Sororities and most of our IFC Fraternities. Students that join a chapter have the opportunity to live in the facility throughout their time as a Vandal, which also satisfies the university's first-year live on-campus requirement. The average cost of living in a chapter facility is $500-$5,000 per semester which includes membership dues, room rent, meals, and more. All chapter facilities are independently owned and operated by local or national housing corporations.

The Joining Process:

There are many opportunities throughout the year to become a member of our community. One of the most common is to attend formal recruitment in the fall semester. During recruitment, members of sororities, fraternities, and prospective members get to meet one another and explore membership opportunities through meaningful conversations and events. These opportunities are designed to build relationships, provide education and build confidence in the decision-making process. Fall recruitment is open to new and current U of M students as well as transfer students. 

Fall Formal Recruitment Dates:

Fall 2024: Sep. 4-8 (Tentative)

Expectations of Membership

Our chapters consistently outperform other student groups/clubs and living communities on campus in retention and graduation rates. Each chapter utilizes a high impact academic plan supported by campus and national headquarter partners. Additionally, our community consistently awards approximately $50,000 in scholarships yearly. Fraternity & Sorority scholarships are awarded in addition to general university scholarships. 

Each chapter has a minimum GPA requirement to join and maintain membership in their organization. In addition, each chapter has an elected/appointed officer dedicated to connecting members in the chapter with campus resources to ensure they excel academically. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Involvement recommends potential news members maintain a minimum of a 2.75 to join a chapter.

Joining a fraternity or sorority comes with a financial commitment to cover the cost of participation in chapter activities, membership fees, member benefits, and housing/meals for housed organizations. Additionally, all members of the fraternity and sorority community pay a $10-15 due fee each semester, which supports community-wide education, leadership opportunities, and staffing of IFC and Panhellenic.
Members affiliated with one of the 8 housed organizations pay a house bill assessed by each individual chapter. More information about these costs is made available throughout recruitment. 
  • Average Sorority House Bill (per semester): $3,683.80 (room/board only)
  • Average Sorority Membership Fees/Dues (per semester): $345.60
  • Average Fraternity House Bill (per semester): $3,823.20 (room/board and dues)
  • Average Fraternity Membership Fees/Dues (per semester): $280.50

New members have the opportunity to live in the chapter facility during their time in the chapter. The University of Montana requires that all full-time, first-year students under 21 years of age live in University housing for their first academic year. Depending on the chapter, all initiated and new members are expected to live in the chapter facility. If capacity is met, each chapter determines how to address overflow.

Members that live in a chapter facility are generally provided a meal plan as part of their house bill costs (this may vary by chapter). Additional meal plan options are available through on-campus dining.

The time commitment varies from chapter to chapter and from member to member. New members can expect to invest more time in the first semester of membership as they go through their new member education or intake program. This period is devoted to learning the history of the organization, chapter operations, and rituals; all while developing leadership, time management, and academic success skills. Although it can be time intensive, membership in our chapters should not interfere with academic commitments. Members can make their experience even more impactful by taking on leadership roles, serving on chapter committees, or running for elected positions on their chapter’s executive board.

Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment

Panhellenic Primary Recruitment is a fully-structured, five-day process in which Potential New Members (students participating in recruitment, also known as PNMs) meet current sorority members from all three chapters and learns more about the Panhellenic experience at U of M. Each participant is connected to a recruitment counselor who serves as a resource and mentor throughout the experience and with a group of peers going through the process together.

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IFC Fraternity Recruitment

IFC Recruitment at the University of Montana is a structured multiday experience where students can meet current members from all 4 IFC chapters and learn more about the membership experience.

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Prospective Greeks

Welcome to the University of Montana Fraternity & Sorority Community! The fraternity and sorority community at UM has over 110 years of rich tradition on campus. Joining a fraternity or sorority can be an exciting experience to meet new people, make new friends, and explore opportunities to get engaged on campus.

The joining process is either a council or chapter coordinated, depending on which organization you are interested in joining. Fraternities and sororities conduct recruitment and intake events, activities, and informational sessions at various times during the year.

Rush, Recruitment, and Intake are terms used by fraternities and sororities to identify the joining process. Intake is a term specifically used by many culturally-based organizations to bring new members into an organization. All UM students, regardless of campus location (including online students), are eligible to participate in fraternity and sorority recruitment. However, many recruitment events will require a physical presence at the Missoula location.

Please note that many councils and chapters have minimum GPA requirements, either from high school or college, in order to participate in the recruitment or intake process.

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