Join the Speakers Bureau

What is Speakers Bureau?

The Speaker's Bureau is an program which allows you to interact with the larger campus and Missoula communities. Typically, international students are invited to give talks about their home countries on a variety of topics, from courtship customs to political institutions to an overview of the country in general. The audiences often include local high school classes, community organizations like the Rotary Club, and even individuals or agencies requiring translation assistance. 

Why Should I Join?

  • Build relationships with Missoula community members and University of Montana staff and students. 
  • This program is great to add to a resume!
  • Speaker's Bureau builds bridges between people of different countries.
  • Many people only know about another country through newspapers or news programs.
  • The Speaker's Bureau gives international students a voice by allowing them an opportunity to express how they feel about history, current events, international affairs, cultural norms and values, and even literature and art.
  • Whatever the similarities or differences, the Speaker's Bureau brings foreign students and Montanans together to explore each other's experiences. 
  • Most students are happy to share what they love most about their homelands and the audience groups are always very excited to meet students and learn about other countries around the world.

How do I join?

Contact International Students and Scholars for more information. Visit the Global Engagement Services office in the International Center.