Passport Photos and Other Services

Passport and Visa Photos

Standard 2x2 inch photos issued by the Griz Card Center can be used for U.S. passports, visas and applications. The Griz Card Office has the capability to print foreign passport and visa sizes, but the customer must provide the dimensions and other requirements. The Griz Card Center will print a set of two photos for $10 and will email electronic copies of the original photos to you upon request. 

The photos follow U.S. Department of State guidelines

Please schedule an appointment to get passport photos issued at the Griz Card Center.

Field Experience Badges

The Phyllis J. Washington College of Education requires students to wear identification badges when observing and student teaching in schools. There is a $3 fee for Field Experience Badges. A student must be currently registered in a Curriculum and Instruction class to qualify for a Field Experience Badge. Please be prepared to show a government-issued photo ID.

Companion Animal Cards

The Griz Card Center issues Companion Animal Cards for approved companion animals. The Griz Card Center must receive confirmation of your eligibility for your companion's card before we will issue the card. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to get your companion's photo taken and card issued.

Other Cards

The Griz Card Center manages and distributes special program, conference and name badge cards. Please visit the Departments section or contact the Griz Card Center for more information.