Name Badges and Special Program Cards

The Griz Card Center designs and prints specialized name badges for departments and special programs. These name badges are not an alternative to the official UMT name badges (silver oval with engraving) for full time faculty and staff. The purpose of these badges is for student employees or in addition to the official UMT name badges. Name badges are printed on blank white cardstock, and clips or magnets (to attach the badge to clothing) are optional. The cost of each name badge is $3, and magnets can be purchased for an additional $1. There is a one time $25 initial setup fee. Once you have made the initial name badge order, you can conveniently order new or replacement name badges which take 1-2 days to print and be delivered. If you would like to order specialized name badges for your department, please prepare the following information and submit a service request through the UM Solutions Center.

Design Concept

Do you have a clear idea of what the badge should look like? Color suggestions?  A logo we should use? We can provide examples of badges created in the past and make a few examples of possible name badge designs for your department. We will strive to make the name badge suit your department's style, or you can design your own badge background. If you would like to design something yourself, please ask our office for details about requirements and restrictions.

Index Code

Once the design process has been completed and the cards printed, we will require an index code to bill departments the total cost of the name badges.

Primary Contact Information

We will use this contact when designing the badge and sending proofs, and we will also use this contact for questions about name badge orders.

Name Badge Production Process

Once you contact us and provide the information listed above, we will create up to three name badge designs for you to choose from. We will e-mail you the options and await your decision. Once a card design has been chosen, we will upload it to the badge printing system and print a 'real' name badge for you to approve. Once the proof has been approved, you must provide a list of the information on each of the name badges (i.e. name, title, UM ID# if a photo is on the badge, etc.) and a department billing code. We will print the name badges and arrange delivery or pickup within three days. Subsequent name badge requests can be e-mailed and are normally prepared within 1-2 days.

Already have name badges from the Griz Card Center and need to order more? E-mail your request to