History Graduate Program Requirements

Annual Student Review

The Graduate Program Committee oversees the progress of all students in the History Department’s MA and PhD programs. This includes assessing students’ academic performance, their progress toward the degree, and, if applicable, their execution of teaching duties. The committee determines the standing of each student in the program and decides fellowship and teaching assistantship renewals.

At the conclusion of each spring semester, the committee conducts an annual review of each student's progress. To help facilitate the review process, students are required to complete a “Graduate Student Academic Progress Report.” This report should be completed by students in consultation with their advisor(s). The Director of Graduate Studies will circulate the progress report to students and provide a deadline for submission. Failure to complete the progress report will jeopardize a student’s standing in the program as well as their funding.


After reviewing each student’s report and discussing their progress, the Graduate Program Committee determines the student’s standing based on these categories:

  • Good Standing
  • Good Standing with Renewal of Fellowship or Teaching Assistantship (if applicable)
  • Probationary Status (Students assigned probationary status will be required to meet with the Director of Graduate Studies and their advisor to establish necessary steps for continuing in the program.)
  • Non-Renewal of Fellowship or Teaching Assistantship (if applicable)
  • Dismissal from the Program