Career Development at the DHC

Career support is the central focus of the CDP. The DHC will help you find a career that utilizes and promotes learning, hard work, and education.


The Davidson Honors College Career Development Program was established in the fall of 2017 through philanthropic support from Ian and Nancy Davidson, who believe that an excellent education leads to postgraduate success and the development of informed, engaged citizens in Montana and beyond.


The mission of the Davidson Honors College Career Development Program is to promote the postgraduate success of our students and alumni. To that end, we:

  1. Engage our students in developing and accomplishing postgraduate goals that align with their academic and personal interests, while also maximizing their positive impact on society;
  2. Promote opportunities for our students to develop professional skills throughout their academic experiences; and
  3. Connect our students with professional career advisors, alumni mentors, and relevant employers and/or graduate programs.

What We Do

  • Conduct personalized career consulting and strategic planning with students.
  • Lead career coaching seminars that include resume building, cover letter review, and techniques for success in various interview settings.
  • Assist students in identifying and securing internships that align with career goals.
  • Host regular engagement opportunities with private industry and public sector employers at the state, regional, and national levels.
  • Assist students in building – online and offline – customized portfolios that effectively showcase their skills and work.
  • Coordinate immersive field experiences that give students valuable experience in key markets.
  • Offer DHC Career Development Fellowships to selected students who are interested in accessing our full career development support program.