Status of Applications

At this time Lewis and Clark Village has a waitlist for Fall 2022 semester.  Any rooms that become available due to cancellations or vacate notices will be reassigned from the waitlist.  Roommate requests will be difficult to accommodate. While spaces will continue to be offered if they become available, and students may still choose to submit an application and be placed on the waitlist, we encourage students to also explore other housing options.

We begin making assignments for Fall Semester at the end of April, and Spring Semester assignments begin in mid-November. We will not know our vacancy numbers until this time. Room assignments are completed on a first-applied, first-assigned basis. You may log into myHousingPortal to view your assignment, move in date, and roommate information.

Applications that do not receive an assignment will be placed on a waiting list.

All students with 60+ earned credits are eligible to live in LCV. Students with 24-59 earned credits must have a 2.5 GPA or higher and no outstanding conduct issues to be eligible. All residents must be a currently enrolled student taking a minimum of 6 credits per semester. There are no credit or GPA requirements for Graduate students.

All residents of Lewis and Clark Village must be currently enrolled students taking a minimum of 6 credits per semester, with the exception of Summer Semester.


There is not a deadline for sending in applications.

Applications received for the future Fall Semester are held until the end of April when the assignment process begins for Fall applications. It is necessary to wait until April to assign apartments because we need to receive vacate notices from our current residents before we know which apartments will be available at the end of August.

Applications received for the future Spring Semester are held until mid-November for processing. It is necessary to wait until mid-November to assign apartments because we need to receive vacate notices from our current residents before we know which apartments will be available in January.

Applications requesting immediate move in are processed as received. Applicants will be contacted by the Lewis and Clark Village Office Manager about the assignment via the UM student email, and housing reservations can be viewed on the myHousingPortal.

Inquiries about the status of your application may be sent to Cheryl Greely.

Deadline for Changing Move In Date

The prorated rent charge is based on the date a tenant has agreed to take possession of the apartment which the tenant indicated on the Lewis and Clark Village housing application. This date is specified on the assignment confirmation on the application status. Changes to the move in date must be made in writing via email to Cheryl Greely before the 1st day of the month prior to the move in month.

  • Fall Semester Move In (August) - July 1*
  • Spring Semester Move In (January) - December 1*
  • Summer Semester Move In (May) - April 1*
  • All other months: Changes must be received at least 30 days prior to the move in date*

*Any change to the move in date after rent has been assessed or within 30 days of the original requested date will result in no change to the prorated rent.

Arriving and Checking In

Once your apartment assignment has been made, you will receive confirmation via email of your assignment and check in date. To check in and receive keys and access to your Lewis and Clark Village apartment, please come to the Lewis and Clark Village Office at 3000 South Higgins Avenue. The office is located in the center of Lewis and Clark Village. The Lewis and Clark Village Office is open Monday-Friday, 1:00 pm-8:00 pm. If you arrive outside of these times, please call the Lewis and Clark Village on-call phone at (406) 544-8724 to check into your apartment. 

When checking into Lewis and Clark Village please bring a photo ID for check-in. Please note that rent charges begin based on the date given when a room assignment is made. Upon check-in you will also receive additional important information concerning Lewis and Clark Village.

Additionally, if you plan to have a car with you at Lewis and Clark Village, you will need to complete the Vehicle Information page of your application on the myHousingPortal as well as register the vehicle with the University Police Department for parking registration Lewis and Clark Village residents are permitted one parking pass at Lewis and Clark Village. This pass is valid only at Lewis and Clark Village and is not valid in UM parking lots on campus.


How do I cancel my application before I move in?

You must submit the Cancellation Request form to cancel your reservation, the Cancellation Request is found in your myHousingPortal. If the cancellation is received 30 days before your scheduled move in date, you will not be charged a cancellation fee and your deposit will be released back to your UM account within 30 days. If you cancel with less than 30 days before your move in date, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $350.00. Your deposit will be released to your UM account which will cover the early cancellation fee without further cost to you.

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