Overview and Eligibility

The annual Performance Review is conducted at the end of the Performance Review Cycle. This process helps the supervisor and the employee:

  • Reinforce open communication
  • Review employee performance objectively to assess Job Success Factors and overall job performance.

The following information is recommended as a guide for the annual Performance Review:

Supervisor's Responsibilities

  • The supervisor will meet privately with each employee for a formal performance discussion.
  • The supervisor is responsible for initiating the meeting and scheduling a time convenient for both supervisor and employee.
  • The supervisor must elicit and listen to the employee’s perspective as well as be prepared to provide specific constructive feedback about the employee’s accomplishments and overall performance.

Employee's Responsibilities

  • The employee shares responsibility for a productive meeting and is expected to come to the meeting prepared.
  • The employee must engage in a two-way dialogue to help ensure that an effective discussion is achieved.
  • If the discussion is unclear, the employee is encouraged to ask questions for clarification and to take advantage of this opportunity to make any appropriate comments.

Discussion Points

The supervisor might ask for or the employee might volunteer a summary of accomplishments for the year. This can be submitted prior to or during the meeting.

  • Review Job Success Factors identifying those that have been strengthened, those that can be developed over time, and any problem areas.
  • Review overall job performance.

Completing the Performance Review Form

  • The supervisor finalizes the Performance Review Form after considering the employee's input during the performance discussion.
  • The employee will be offered an opportunity to provide written remarks on the Performance Review Form.
  • After the supervisor and employee finalize their input, both should sign the form and forward it to the next supervisory level for final review and signature. The original signed form is then forwarded to your campus HRS/PPS office.


MUS Staff Compensation Plan affects all non-union classified employees as well as classified staff represented by unions that have adopted the program through collective bargaining. Eligible employees cannot opt out of MUS Staff Compensation Plan.

Promotion or Transfer to Another Campus Department

  • If the promoted/transferred employee has not held the new position for at least three (3) months prior to the end of the Performance Review Cycle, the prior supervisor will complete the Performance Review. In addition, the new supervisor will provide to the employee a written summary of the employee's performance in the new position.

Eligibility & FTE

  • Temporary and fixed-term employees are not eligible for MUS Staff Compensation Plan.
  • Permanent, part-time employees working half time or more must participate in MUS Staff Compensation Plan.
  • Permanent, part-time employees working less than half time may participate in accordance with campus policy.