Temporary Employees

Temporary positions are intended to accommodate temporary needs of no more than twelve (12) months where the appointment is not intended to be permanent, and with no expectation of employment beyond the period specified. Under no circumstance shall the appointment exceed a period of twelve (12) months.

There are specific requirements for different lengths of temporary employment:

  • Less than 90 days -The department will need to complete a temporary hire form. While the department can choose the rate of pay, the rate cannot be less than the minimum wage of $9.20 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2022.
  • More than 90 days - In addition to the temporary hire form the department MUST submit a role description for the position. The Compensation Office will then determine the title for the position and IF the temporary position exceeds four months of employment the employee MUST be titled and paid at a rate within the Compensation Plan.
  • Six Months or more - In addition to meeting the expectations of a more than 90-day temporary employee, the department must submit a background check for the employee. Plus, if the employee has an FTE of 0.5 or greater he/she will become eligible for benefits.


The Compensation Office provides a list of titles that are frequently utilized for temporary positions to assist in the selection of a title, and corresponding rate of pay, that best fits the needs of the department. By selecting one of these titles a department is less likely to have to adjust the employee’s rate of pay IF the length of employment is extended past four months.

For temporary positions that extend past four months, the final determination of title and pay will be completed by the Compensation Office.

For more information see: Temporary Staff Wage Rates

Once the department has determined the length of employment and selected the best fit title the forms to the right, under resources, are required.

For assistance, please contact Shawn Blair with the Compensation Team at 406-243-4595.


Due to hiring moratorium, all temporary hires must be submitted in U-Approve.  Paper temporary hire forms will not be accepted by HRS.

Temporary employees should be sent to Human Resource Services in Lommasson 252 before the first day of employment with this form, completed by their supervisor:

In HRS, the temporary employee will be given all of the student hire paperwork to complete and the HRS representative will do the I-9 verificaiton. The employeewill then be given an "OK to Work" form signed by the HRS representative to take back to their supervisor. No temporary employee may start work until all of their paperwork is completed and submitted to HRS.

Personnel Hiring Paperwork to be completed by all new hires and must be submitted to HRS on or before first day of employment:


Role Description required as part of submission in U-Approve



  • Temporary Hire
  • Role Description
  • Personal Information Form (completed by employee)
  • Background Check (completed by employee)



Separation from Employment