Graduate Curriculum

A master’s degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism requires 36 credit hours: 18 in journalism and 12 in natural resource issues and/or environmental science. The school offers two options for the remaining six credits. Students can either use them to work on a documentary-style professional project or opt for creating a portfolio of work in multiple mediums.

The professional project option allows students to embark on an ambitious investigation or create a comprehensive public information project. Students typically produce the project in their final semester at the university after completing the rest of the coursework. This allows them to travel outside Montana and abroad for research. They return to Montana to defend their project in front of their chosen faculty committee.

The portfolio option allows students to take additional journalism electives and produce a three-part portfolio that explores a common environmental or natural resource theme. The portfolio must include work presented in at least two different mediums, ranging from writing to photography, video, audio, multimedia, maps and graphics. This track is designed for those wanting more experience with different journalistic mediums.