Students in the school's professional program are required to complete one faculty-approved internship before graduation. Students may intern in news, media, politics, advocacy, advertising, public relations and a variety of other areas. The minimum number of hours the Journalism School requires is 160 and internships must be supervised by a professional who is also engaged in the kind of work the intern will be asked to do. Interns can extend their hours beyond 160 if both the intern and the supervisor agree to the terms.

It is your responsibility to find the internship that is right for you, but the school offers a variety of resources to help you do that, including:

The journalism internship may be taken in any semester, including summer.

Students must enroll in the class JRNL 498 Supervised Internship for three credits.

Students must also submit online details about the internship through UM Internship Services. 

To repeat, students who are beginning an approved internship need to:

  1. Add the class JRNL 498 Supervised Internship.
  2. Submit online details of their internship through UM Internship Services.

Students may take an additional one-credit internship, but may not count more than two credits of internship total toward their degree.  All Internships are graded as credit/no credit and not for a traditional letter grade.

Your adviser or the faculty internship supervisor must approve your internship before you register, either in person or via email. Once approved and once you submit details of your internship, your supervisor/boss will be prompted to approve it. Toward the end of whichever term you enrolled, your supervisor will be prompted to submit an evaluation of your work. This is what the journalism school uses to determine a for-credit grade.