Consumer Law and Protection Program

The mission of the Blewett Consumer Law and Protection Program is to develop and support consumer law and protection and access to justice through clinical study, research, scholarship, symposia and student internships.

Consumer law is a broad field. Much of consumer law is about making sure that people get truthful and accurate information so they can make the right decisions for themselves and their families. Part of it is about protecting consumers from predatory practices, but part of it is simply ensuring that the marketplace works as it is intended. By making sure people have equal access to information that they can actually use to make financial decisions and by trying to address imbalances in the marketplace, consumer law becomes another form of public service.

Lawyers engage with consumer law in many ways. You can represent plaintiffs who have been harmed; you can work in-house for a company, helping to ensure it operates in the best way possible; or you can represent companies facing government investigations or private lawsuits. You can also tackle policy questions and legislative issues. The field of consumer law offers many different options for legal practice.