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Montana Law Review

MLR coverMontana Law Review
University of Montana
Blewett School of Law, Room 177
Missoula MT 59812
(406) 243-2576 fax

The Montana Law Review, a legal periodical published semiannually, is the principal means of communication to the Montana Bar on Montana law.  It includes articles by judges, practitioners, and professors as well as case notes, comments, and evaluations of recent developments in the law by students.

The Law Review membership is composed of second- and third-year law students selected on the basis of demonstrated writing ability.  Members receive academic credit for Law Review work and are encouraged to submit notes and comments for publication.  Editorial policy and financial management are the responsibility of the Law Review members. 

Professor Anthony Johnstone serves as the faculty advisor to the law review.

Public Land and Resources Law Review

PLRLR cover

Public Land and Resources Law Review
University of Montana
Blewett School of Law, Room 129
Missoula, Montana 59812
(406) 243-6568
(406) 243-2576 fax

The Public Land & Resources Law Review is published by a board of student editors at the School of Law. It features both professional and student-written articles exploring a broad range of current issues in public land and resource law, environmental law, and Indian law. Staff members receive academic credit for work on the Review. Professors Michelle Bryan and Monte Mills are the faculty advisors.

First published in 1980 under the direction of Professor Margery Hunter Brown, the Law Review is currently published annually and circulated to more than 300 subscribers across the country, including law libraries, universities and law firms.

The goal of the Public Land & Resources Law Review is to encourage those interested in public land and resources law, environmental law and Indian law to publish the results of their work and research, express their ideas and stimulate further discussion and research in these areas.

First held in 1978, the annual Public Land Law Conference is sponsored by the Public Land & Resources Law Review and organized by the Law Review's board of student editors. Traditionally, the Conference has been organized around a particular legal issue of current interest to practicing attorneys, professionals and students. The Conference generally consists of panel discussions and lectures on various aspects of the topic at issue.