Practical Leadership Skills for Managers

“An employee's relationship with his or her direct manager is the most important single factor in employee engagement.” (Pendell, 2019)

“From diversity and inclusion to productivity and retention, the manager plays a singular role in the life of an employee.” (Lipman, 2012)

"I find myself implementing some of the skills on a regular basis now, with positive outcomes, and I feel more confident managing my team. It's been a terrific learning experience."   -past participant

Program Overview

The day-to-day experiences of our employees are profoundly impacted by their interactions with direct supervisors. Even the most experienced leaders appreciate the importance of continual self-reflection and learning, especially in the vital and challenging work of managing people. Each unit in the Practical Leadership Skills for Managers program has been developed based on the experiences and needs of UM employees and managers, and is focused on high impact leadership and management skills. The program is designed to be flexible enough to fit into our manager’s busy schedules, and emphasizes practical applications of the learning. Each unit includes:

  • online learning that can be accessed on your own schedule
  • suggested options for applying the training to your management work
  • a discussion section for cohort members to share ideas, questions, challenges, and advice (optional, but encouraged)
  • sessions and/or workshops for participants to explore key concepts in more depth.
  • Track your progress using this checklist.

How to Register

You have two choices for registration

  1. You can register here for the entire program by emailing Those who complete the entire six-month program will be recognized as members of the “Learning as Leaders Network,” receive a digital badge, a certificate, and be invited to attend a reception hosted by the Office of the President, in partnership with OOLD. (If you register for the entire program, you will automatically be registered for each month, including October.) 
  2. You can register on a month by month basis for each unit.

Learning as Leaders Network

Managers who complete ALL SIX units (within one year), will be added to the Learning as Leaders Network.  This includes:

  • Learning as Leaders certificate and digital badge
  • Invitation to reception with President Bodnar
  • Recognition in UM Today
  • Recognition sent to your supervisor and sector head