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Wally Higgins

Instructor, Networking Consultant


MC 320

Personal Summary

Wally Higgins has been a networking consultant for over 30 years. His long-standing career in industry as IT support and network engineering professional provides students with practical industry expertise to supplement the academic curriculum used in the classroom.

Wally serves as a lecturer and leads the Cisco Networking Academy activities at Missoula College. He is credentialed to teach all four sections of the Cisco Certified Networking Associate curriculum. Missoula College has a state of the art networking lab containing servers, switches, and routing equipment. In addtion to his teaching duties, Wally is responsible for maintaining the physical lab equipment and virtual lab activities for the Cisco Networking Academy at Missoula College.


  • Bachelor of Arts - University of Montana, Missoula, MT
  • AAS - Electronics Technology, Missoula Vocation-Technical Center, Missoula MT

Courses Taught

ITS 150 CCNA 1: Exploration, 3 cr. Offered autumn and spring. Prereq., M 090. Introduction to networking field including terminology; protocols; local-area and wide-area networks; the OSI model; topologies; IP addressing; cabling and cabling tools; routers and router programming. Ethernet and network standards; and wireless technologies.

ITS 152 CCNA 2: Exploration, 3 cr. Offered spring. Prereq., ITS 150. Covers router theory and technologies including configurations, IOS software management, routine protocol configuration, TCP/IP, access-lists and introduction to LAN switching.

ITS 250 CCNA 3: Exploration, 3 cr. Offered autumn. Prereq., ITS 152. Covers router configurations including advanced IP addressing techniques, variable length subnet masking, intermediate routing protocols, Ethernet switching, virtual LANs, spanning-tree protocol, and VLAN trucking protocol.

ITS 252 CCNA 4: Exploration, 3 cr. Offered spring. Prereq., ITS 250. Project-based course in wide-area networking including advanced IP addressing techniques, network address translation, port address translation, DHCP, WAN technology and terminology, PPP, ISDN, DDR, Frame Relay, network management, and introduction to optical networking.


Montana State High School Science Fair - Judge

Specialized Skills

  • Cisco Networking Academy Instructor Certification: CCNA1, CCNA2, CCNA3, CCNA4
  • CompTIA A+ Computer Professional
  • Industry Trainings
    • EMC Centera & Clariion Storage Processors 
    • OCE High Speed printers 
    • Dell ESF Servers, PCs and Portables 
    • HP 9000 series printers 
    • Hughes Satellite Networking 
    • IBM Server,Desktop and Mobile Systems 
    • HP Laser Printers and Plotters