Neuroscience Degree Options

Students must choose between one of two curriculum options: Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience, or Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience. Both curricula will provide students with a broad and interdisciplinary knowledge of modern neuroscience, however will allow some specialization based upon student interests and career goals.  The Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience option will include significantly more depth in psychological aspects of neuroscience with slightly less depth in cell structure/function and chemistry.  This option is ideal for students with a strong interest in the biological basis of how people learn and behave, systems-level analysis, and are targeted toward behavioral sciences.  The Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience option will provide more depth in how the nervous system functions on the cellular and chemical levels and is ideal for students targeted toward biomolecular research and intervention.  Since both options require significant cumulative coursework in psychology, biology and chemistry, it is essential that students entering the major plan their course schedules strategically as early as possible.  All students seriously interested in this degree should contact one of the neurosceince advisors to discuss their plans.

Neuroscience B.S. Degree Options

Cellular and Molecular Concentration

Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration

Neuroscience Minor