Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Neuroscience

Working in an active neuroscience research laboratory is an exceptional learning opportunity that equips a student for future job and educational opportunities at a level far beyond what is offered in the classroom. Research experience provides students with marketable skills and training as they participate in the actual process of discovery and gain hands-on experience in everything from experimental design to research techniques to data analysis to scientific presentations. Participating in research also provides perspective and relevance to coursework  as well as increases competitiveness in future graduate or medical school applications.  Indeed, joining a lab group as an undergraduate often becomes the first chapter in a journey leading to a career in biomedical research, the biotechnology sector or a variety of healthcare professions.

Faculty in the Neuroscience program are strongly committed to mentoring students in their lab groups. To become an undergraduate research student, explore the Neuroscience Faculty webpages and contact faculty whose work interests you.  You may also email the Center for Structural and Functional Neuroscience Director, Dr. Richard Bridges (richard.bridges@umontana.edu), or the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program Director, Dr. Jesse Hay (Jesse.Hay@mso.umt.edu).  The CSFN also hosts a fellowship program (SURF) to support students working in neuroscience labs during the summer.