Core Course Registration

How Core Course Registration Works

Course registration for incoming freshmen is a two-step process.  Students are sent email messages from the Admissions office inviting them to complete their My Academics tasks in late March each year.  Following a student's completion of all of the tasks on the My Academics web portal, we register them in the first semester core courses required by the major department.  Some majors specify a full schedule of courses for the first semester; others only designate one or two courses in addition to math and writing composition courses.

Students can add general education and elective courses, and make other necessary adjustments to their schedule, after attending a Bear Tracks registration event and Orientation.

Be sure to complete the A-IQ and all of the other required tasks by the communicated deadlines so we can reserve your seat in first semester courses.

Core Course Registration for the Undeclared (General Studies) student

There is no pre-established "core" set of courses for the Undeclared student.  Instead, you will have the opportunity to select from one of seven Exploratory Tracks, each containing a diverse array of courses.  This can be an overwhelming task, so we want you to first watch a short video about the Exploratory Studies Program (ESP) and review additional information and videos about the various Exploratory Tracks.  There is a link to each Exploratory Track at the top of the ESP web page.  The information and videos can also be viewed by Undeclared students from inside the Academic Interest Questionnaire (A-IQ).

After you complete your A-IQ, we will use your responses to register you in classes that will satisfy your general education requirements while you explore a variety of disciplines.  You will gain a firm foundation in core areas as you narrow your academic focus and decide on a major.

Your A-IQ is your opportunity to tell us which courses you are most interested in taking during your first semester of college.  You will be able to speak with an advisor and make adjustments to your schedule during Bear Tracks days or Orientation.  Just as is done for students who have declared a major, you will be registered for the math and writing composition course appropriate for your major.