Environmental Ethics Graduate Certificate

A graduate certificate in environmental ethics is now available through the philosophy department. The certificate requires three seminars drawn from the environmental philosophy M.A. (9 credits). It also requires two electives drawn from a list of available classes across campus (6 credits).  Unfortunately, the certificate cannot be taken remotely, although a handful of the electives are available online.

Students not already at UM in a graduate degree need to apply to UM's Graduate School for admission to the certificate program. Funding for the certificate is not available through the philosophy department.

Contact christopher.preston@umontana.edu for more information before applying.

Certificate Requirements

Philosophy Core (choose 3)

(Three of these classes are typically offered in the Philosophy Department each academic year)

  • PHL 422 – Environmental Philosophy
  • PHL 502 – Topics in Value Theory
  • PHL 515 – Issues in the Anthropocene
  • PHL 523 – Science and Environment
  • PHL 524 – Environmental Aesthetics
  • PHL 548 – Philosophy and Animals
  • PHL 572 – Thoreau

Environmental Electives (choose 2)

(Students should check with individual departments to determine which classes are offered each semester. The classes listed below are part of the catalog but may not be offered every year.)


  • Special Topics in Ecocriticism (LIT 502)
  • Literature, Nature, and Politics (LIT 524)

Environmental Studies

  • Literature of Nature Writing (ENST 505)
  • Native American Environmental Issues (ENST 510)
  • The Greening of Religion (ENST 530)
  • Conservation without Borders (ENST 542)
  • The Politics of Food (ENST 580)
  • Ethics and Restoration (ENST 570)

Natural Resource Science and Management

  • Natural Resources Conflict Resolution (NRSM 513)
  • Collaborative Skills for Natural Resource Leaders (NRSM 515)
  • Climate and Society (NRSM 526)
  • American Wilderness Philosophy and Policy (NRSM 560)(online)
  • Political Ecology (NRSM 570)
  • Environment and Development (NRSM 575)


  • International Environmental Law (LAW 539)
  • Animal Law (LAW 605)
  • Wildlife Law (LAW 635)
  • Introduction to Environmental Law (LAW 650)
  • Water Law (LAW 663)

Master in Public Administration

  • Ethics and Administration (PAUD 561)
  • Introduction to Public Policy Making (PAUD 595)(hybrid)
  • Renewable Energy and Climate (PAUD 595)
  • Women, Policy, and Public Administration (PUAD 595)(online)
  • Environmental Governance and Policy  (PUAD 595)(hybrid)

Parks, Tourism, Recreation Management

  • Perspectives in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources (PTRM 574)


  • Inequality and Social Justice (SOCI 545)

Wildlife Biology

  • Wildlife Policy (WILD 595)