Procurement - GrizMart Purchases

The University of Montana complies with institutional and State procurement standards and meets requirements of 2 CFR 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, as appropriate.

When purchasing grant funded items in GrizMart, the history within GrizMart will meet record retention requirements and serve as the audit trail. Per University policy, the term "grant" includes contracts, cooperative agreements, subgrants, or subcontracts.

PI Approval

Because PI’s often do not have BANNER requisitioning authority, they will be categorized as “Shopper” in the GrizMart system. As such, most purchases will go through a departmental research administrator or “Requestor” with BANNER privileges for requisitioning.

There are several methods in which a requestor can obtain PI approval and funding source information to place orders for grant related purchases:

  1. If the PI is the shopper, s/he can provide the accounting information for the purchase during check out prior to assignment to his/her requestor. Alternatively, s/he can provide this information in a comment when assigning the cart to his/her requestor.
  2. If the PI is not the shopper, the shopping cart can be assigned to the PI and s/he can include a comment as to the funding source for the purchase when assigning the cart to his/her requestor. 
  3. If the PI is not available to log into the system and include a comment, the shopper can PDF the cart and attach it to an email to the PI for funding source approval. The PI can then forward this email to the requestor indicating the funding source for the purchase. The requestor can attach that e-mail approval to the purchase order as an internal attachment during check out. 
  4. Or, if other documentation is provided from the PI, this documentation can be scanned and attached to the purchase order as an internal attachment during check out by the requestor.

Late Shipping Charges

It is not uncommon for shipping charges to be delayed in hitting the grant account.  Such delays can be problematic near close-out. To avoid this, identify a separate funding source on the non PO form for late shipping charges.  A second option:  If possible, pay via procard so that you can redistribute charges accordingly.  

OSP Approval

Institutional internal controls call for expenditure allowability to be reviewed after-the-fact.  As a result, only entertainment/meeting expense costs are routed to OSP for authorization via comment.