InfoGriz Reports

In addition to current and past expenditure and award volume data, there are several reports available via InfoGriz designed specifically to assist PI's in grant management:


To access these, users need to be in an InfoGriz grants group.  After logging in to InfoGriz via an individual's NetID, there will be a tab titled Banner Reporting.  Click on the down arrow on the right hand side of the long box.  There are several reports that begin with "Grants."  If options are greyed out, contact your post-award point-of-contact. Tip: If still greyed out, hold down the shift key and refresh your browser.

The search results can be easily printed or searched by using the print button and selecting PDF to get a clean looking report, or export to excel for further manipulation.  

Grant Information - FRAGRNT

This query reflects award budget information.  Search parameters include:

  • Agency (Sponsor)
  • Category (federal, state, private, local, other restricted)
  • ORG (see ORSP's departmental assignments for UM grant ORGs)
  • PI Last Name
  • Status (pending; active; inactive/historical)
  • Department
  • Project date range
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Proposal Information - FRAPROP

This report contains proposal since July 1 2012, and shows which have been funded.  Search parameters include:

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Expense and F&A Information

Search F&A recovered in a fiscal year by:

  • ORG  (see ORSP's departmental assignments for UM grant ORGs)
  • PI
  • Fund (substitute a “3” for the “M” in the index number)
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Grant Expenditures

This inception-to-date expenditure report can be used in addition to Banner and UMDW reports as it:

  • does not archive;
  • is searchable by fund or grant (for those with multi-fund awards);
  • is easily exportable to Excel

If the project has one index number, substitute a “3” for the “M” in the index number and enter it under Fund Code, then “View Report.” 

If the project has multiple index numbers, enter the numeric code of the first index.  For example, if the project has indexes M67471 – M67480, enter 367471 under Grant Code.  “View Report” will pull up all expenditures for each index, separated by fund code.

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Subaward Information

Search parameters include:

  • PI
  • Prime Sponsor
  • Status (A=active; I=Inactive/historical)
  • Subrecipient name
  • Grant Number (use "3" instead of "M") 
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