Montana Perinatal Quality Collaborative

Improving Perinatal Health in Montana

The Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities has been funded to support the Montana Perinatal Quality Collaborative (MPQC). MPQC is a quality improvement initiative focused on improving perinatal health. The Montana Perinatal Quality Collaborative partners with:

  • Montana’s State Health Agency
  • Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services
  • The Montana Hospital Association
  • The Montana Maternal Mortality Review Committee
  • Enhancing Reviews and Surveillance to Eliminate Maternal Mortality
  • Montana’s Maternal Health Innovation grant
  • The Alliance on Innovation in Maternal (AIM) Health initiative in Montana
  • Other partners engaged in perinatal health in the state of Montana

The MPQC will follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outcomes to improve perinatal health and address health disparities. Further, the MPQC project will increase the support provided to facilities located on or near Montana’s seven Indian Reservations, facilities that serve a disproportionately high percentage of AI/AN patients, and facilities located in rural and remote communities.

Contact:     Annie Glover