Project DIG

Logo for Project DIG: Disbility Inclusive Gardening

Growing Community Connection and Social Belonging through Inclusive, Accessible Gardening

Project DIG is a pilot therapeutic horticulture (PDF) program in collaboration with The Arc of Western Montana. Tracy Boehm Barrett leads the program. DIG’s mission is to promote quality of life and meaningful community participation through inclusive, accessible gardening.

The pilot is designed to gather outcomes on its impacts on participants’ personal goals and sense of belonging as a foundation for sustained program development. It is hoped this pilot project will provide a proof of concept for future therapeutic horticulture programs.

The Rural Institute has partnered with Dr. Kate Neale of Southern Cross University to design a program and trainings based on best practices of therapeutic horticulture. The pilot will run Spring-Fall 2023, with Project DIG team members working alongside The Arc residents, caregivers, and staff to work and learn together.

Download the Project DIG flyer (PDF) for additional information.

Project Director: Tracy Boehm Barrett

Contact:     Jeff Gutierrez