Pursue Your Passion

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Pursue Your Passion

The Pursue Your Passions program at UM builds educational, experimental and entrepreneurial programs for Montana women to create a more equitable, prosperous and collaborative futures for all. They support and provide the resources women need in order to pursue a career and launch a new business or non-profit.

Pursue Your Passions lays the foundation for women to be entrepreneurs by building leadership and problem-solving skills and by empowering members with the understanding that they can be successful. According to Morgan Slemberger, director of Pursue Your Passions, “Women get to safely explore what success is to them.” These services teach women to be bold, vulnerable, and brave. 

Pursue Your Passions also holds the community accountable to support women. Through considering and acknowledging biases in entrepreneurship, Pursue Your Passions works to make systemic change in businesses and non-profit organizations. These efforts builds more wealth for women who can help change policy. 

Participants form a better understanding of their ability to design their own careers. Pursue Your Passions has had a direct influence on the number of women participating in entrepreneurship, with a portfolio of women-created and owned businesses having been born out of the the program.