Campus Tutoring Programs

Math Learning Center & M@UC

The Mountain Campus Math Learning Center and M@UC provide free, drop-in, group tutoring for students enrolled in developmental and 100-level math courses. The Math Learning Center is in the basement of the Math building and M@UC is in the University Center Commons on the 2nd floor.

Missoula College Learning Center

The Missoula College Learning Center offers a variety of services to facilitate students’ academic success.

The Learning Center (LC) hosts tutoring for writing, math, accounting, computers, anatomy, and other subjects, all at no out-of-pocket cost to the student. Students may take make-up or modified tests in their testing rooms. Students can receive help with various online student services such as email, online labs, and Cyberbear. Students may always use the lab computers and printer, tables, and whiteboards for studying.

TRIO Student Support Services Tutor Center

The TRIO SSS Tutor Center provides eligible students with tutoring for a variety of subjects.

The Center is located in the Resource Library, Lommasson Center 154. Ten tutors are employed by the center and at least two are on duty whenever the tutor center is open. In addition to math, TRIO SSS employs tutors in subjects that vary according to student needs. Areas tutored have included chemistry, foreign languages, computer science, and economics, but these vary from semester to semester.

** Please visit the TRIO SSS main office (EL 180) for a comprehensive list of courses tutored.

Tutoring Board on the UM App

The UM App hosts the Tutoring Board, where private tutors can post their rates and availability and students can post a tutoring request.

Writing and Public Speaking Center

The Writing and Public Speaking Centerr offers free, one-to-one tutoring for all students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Their consultants help at any stage in the writing or presentation process and with all kinds of writing assignments and communication projects. Schedule an appointment via their website. 

Study Skills Class

C&I 160: Learning Strategies for Higher Education is designed to guide a student toward a successful, manageable college experience. As a member of the class, you'll have the chance to explore your academic and learning strengths while gaining knowledge and practice with effective strategies that will lessen stress, increase comprehension and memory, and help you gain a better sense of control over your academic progress.

The course is available to all students with sections specific to TRIO and non-TRIO students.