Study Abroad

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers its students numerous opportunities for study abroad experiences on a regular basis. The department's programs offer both semester and month long international educational experiences to UM students, regardless of their major, who meet the minimal language proficiency requirements determined for each program. Some of these programs take place every year, others in alternate years, and still others on an irregular basis.

The WLC Department strongly recommends a study abroad experience for all language majors, and, in most of the language areas taught in the department, such "immersion" programs are integral parts of the undergraduate curriculum. Additionally, the number and diversity of these opportunities reflect the University's commitment to providing international educational experiences to as many of our students as possible. The Department of World Languages and Cultures also sponsors and coordinates a number of graduate student exchanges with foreign universities as well as internship positions in several countries.

For information on other study abroad and international exchange or internship possibilities, students are encouraged to contact:

The Office of International Programs