Graslie Curiosity Internship


Behind quiet doors at the University of Montana are cabinets filled with thousands of biological specimens, from hummingbirds to flamingos, shrews to walruses, capuchin skulls to zebra pelts to jars of snakes and vials of parasites. A vast library of zoological diversity full of opportunities for education, inspiration, and discovery…


Emily Graslie holding skulls

Inspired by UM alum Emily Graslie and her popular online science communication series “The Brain Scoop,” the Graslie Curiosity Internship supports undergraduate students working on technical and interdisciplinary projects in the UMZM. These internships are open to students from all backgrounds and majors.


Two interns will be supported during the spring semester with $1,600 (average 8 hours/week, 16 weeks, $12.50/hour).


Any undergraduate student who will attend UM in spring semester full or half time (at least 6 credits). Open to all students regardless of background, major, year, or any other factor. Students interested in museum careers or public outreach are particularly encouraged to apply.


  • Application deadline: end of the day November 15, annually
  • Intern announcement: November 30, annually
  • Internship duration: spring semester (16 weeks)

How to Apply

To apply, prepare the documents below as separate PDF files with your name and 790# at the top of each document (either in the header, or in the first line). Email these to the UMZM collections manager ( with subject line "Graslie application - LastName" by the end of the closing day.

  • Current CV (2 page max) including name, email address, phone number, local mailing address, major, and expected year of graduation. List recent employment, awards, service, club activities, leadership positions, and other relevant experiences.
  • Cover letter (2 pages max) describing your path so far, your future interests, the type of work you'd be most excited to pursue in the UMZM, and what you hope to get out of the Graslie Curiosity Internship. You can get a sense of the type of work that would be supported by looking at the Current Opportunities page, but we encourage other ideas and points of view. Be especially clear whether you are more interested in technical curatorial work, creative display or outreach work, or a mix of both.

Institutional Support

The Graslie Curiosity Internships are supported by the University of Montana Experiential Learning & Career Success.